Special Offers - Shop Local & Save!


When you shop at Jason Harley Optometrist you are supporting a locally-owned family business which keeps the cashflow within the local community.


An an independent retailer, we work hard to ensure we offer service & support that is superior to the big corporations - and we have the flexibility to source a diverse range of quality products - not just the most profitable! Now that we have enlisted the help of the independent optometric marketing group, EyeCare Plus we are now able to offer even more great specials:

Receive a discount of up to $100.00 off your second pair of glasses. Just order the second pair within 60 days of your original order and we will apply the discount to the purchase price. (Conditions apply)
Progressive spectacles are great but sometimes you just want an ordinary reading or distance pair of glasses, maybe for reading in bed or lazing on the lounge watching TV. Buddy glasses complement your multifocal glasses. They are single purpose glasses that can be used for dedicated distance or near vision tasks. We've partnered with some of our largest lens suppliers so we can offer you a free pair of "Buddy" glasses to go with your new multifocals. Ask us about this offer when you order your new spectacles. (This offer is available when you purchase lenses from our premium ranges of multifocal designs. Conditions apply)




The best sunglasses in the world come from the ranges of Maui Jim,Serrengeti, Bolle, Ray Ban, Oakley and Mako. Each of these makers put outstanding lenses in their spectacle quality frames, and also have an Rx program that allow us to have your prescription made up in the same quality lenses – even with difficult wrap and bike-riding prescriptions.


We are offering a 10% discount off the RRP for each of these ranges – off the shelf or Rx!



Ask for our discounts off all disposable contact lenses when re-ordering after your initial fitting.*

'We've always got some great frames on sale. Some are reduced by as much as  30%. Just look for the frames with spots on the lenses - the orange spot means a 30% discount, the yellow spot means a 20% discount.