Eye Testing - Essential for Good Health

We recommend that you have your eyes tested every two years, to check for degradation of your eyesight and to screen for disease.


Our tests can help assess your colour and depth perception and target any vision problems you may have.


The health of the anterior and posterior segments of the eyes will be assessed with particular attention to the lenses, optic nerves and maculae. If necessary, further testing using specialised equipment will be requested. This could be indicated if Glaucoma or Macular Degeneration are suspected.

All of these tests can be undertaken at either of our practices.


We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases and complaints, as well as in the prescription and dispensing of glasses, lenses, contact, frames and more, including great advice.


Jason Harley Optometry has digital retinal imaging equipment and ocular nerve head and macula scanning devices to ensure the very best in screening and eye care.