Contact Lenses

A popular alternative to spectacles, contact lenses can be used for correcting short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism.


Properly prescribed contact lenses provide great comfort & vision.


In some cases contact lenses provide better vision than spectacles, while providing an obvious advantage for people with active lifestyles.

We also have access to new, advanced multifocal contact lens designs and lenses that may decrease the rate of Myopia development.


Contact lenses can also be tinted to change the colour of the wearer's eyes if a cosmetic effect is desirable.


It's important to have contact lenses individually prescribed to ensure that they fit the eyes correctly, as well as focusing light properly.


Poorly fitting lenses can lead to severe eye problems including infections. Because contact lenses are placed in direct contact with the eyes they must be cleaned and disinfected regularly, and contact lens wearers are recommended to have more frequent eye examinations in order to prevent any problems developing.


Ask for our discounts off all disposable contact lenses when re-ordering after your initial fitting!